Dark Star is:
(from left to right)

Tim Chito

Michael Floyd

Bob DeGeorge

Nick Drake

DarkStar The Rock Band Darskstar the Rock Music CD Darkstar DarkStar The Rock Band Darskstar the Rock Music CD Darkstar DarkStar The Rock Band Darskstar the Rock Music CD Dark
There’s a reason why ancient African tribes worshiped the dark star that appeared only once every 13 years- there was nothing else like it.
The rock/metal band Darkstar exhibits the same qualities, as their music is original in its conception and execution.
This Pennsylvania rock band possesses a hard-hitting rock quality that combines metal and class. Their music is multifaceted, incorporating both heavy materials with lighter, party melodies that create the perfect balance “for true rockers only,” which their music is designated for.
This version of Darkstar was formed in 1989 during an eclipse of the sun. They intended to play only originals, but soon fell into the trap of the cover bars. After almost four years of playing out three to six nights a week, they switched back and wrote their debut self-titled CD in only three months. Recording was done in 10 hours. The resulting CD garnered quite a bit of attention from the media and the Biz. In 1996 the band was named a semifinalist in Musician Magazine’s unsigned band competition. Darkstar recently signed with an indie record label to record an AC/DC tribute CD from Milan. Then they took a break for family illness. While Tragically their master was stolen, they pushed on.
Influences that have inspired DarkStar’s beautiful rock noise include Black Sabbath, Geezer Butler, The Who, AC/DC, and anyone and everyone they have ever listened to.
With this four-member line up contributing their talent, background and experiences, Darkstar is surely a band to keep watching. They are ready to rock are you?
DarkStar’s main focus is making undeniable, good music and having fun doing it.
They have released one CD so far, and have had great success .
Now with a Gold under thier belt ,they also received a 5 star rating on VH1 for the self-titled debut CD.
Their performances probably have a lot to do with this, as not every band has rocked every state in the US, in the UK, and across Europe. Then again, not every band is Darkstar, and can do anything quite like they do.
DarkStar’s spokesperson Timothy R Chito Is quoted as saying
“Music is comprised of 13 notes. It is how we play them. It all has been done. It is all about delivery. We deliver.” Don’t get these guys wrong however, they will play at the biggest of venues sold out, but will also play for free for a good cause.

Their success is driven by a simple philosophy, “Play, have fun, repeat, and grow.” If you’re fans of Darkstar, you’re just ready to rock.
"Join the force of the Darkstar as we melt down the world. You know we will." -- the band's web site
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Music has always been a place where anything is possible - a refuge, a magical world where anyone can go, all kinds of people can come together, and anything can happen. We are limited only by our imagination. We believe that what we do and learn inside the world of Music can affect what goes on in the world in a big, positive way. Music is so important - Like food and water. There are so many possibilities, and many doors yet to be opened.

Meet Our New Members

Gina Cashbaugh- -Paul Moris

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